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    The Garden of Five Senses - Yvoire

    Visit a sensory garden located in one of the most beautiful villages in France

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The Garden of Five Senses – Yvoire

Visit a sensory garden located in Yvoire, one of the most beautiful villages in France !

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One Garden, different atmospheres

The awakening of the senses & the discovery of the world of plants visiting gardens. The charm of the medieval mazes, a living heritage preserved and enriched each year.

According to the season or to the point of the day, The Garden offers a rich range of colors and brightness. So, during each visit new details appear: flowers just in bloom, insects gathering nectar or a new perspective on paths…

The fragrance of the flowers caresses you deliciously, the song of birds and fountains invites you to daydream…

Nestled in Yvoire, a medieval village among the Most Beautiful of France, the garden enjoys a wonderful place on the Lake Geneva. The paths invite you in a walk out of time, searching your own way in this garden inspire by the Middle Age. The opportunity of a nice journey.

Sensory Garden

The will of the garden is to highlight the varied aspects of the plant world: odors, textures, flavors, virtues…

Each plant that enters in one of our eight gardens has been carefully chosen: Garden of Smell , Touch or Taste…

The visitor rediscovers simple gestures sometimes forgotten : smell the perfume of a flower, stroke foliage, squeezing a leaf to extract the essence…

During the visit touch becomes again an instinctive reflex essential to the discovery of the wealth of places.


Ever lasting evolution of a garden

I remember coming to this garden over ten years ago and at that time already finding it fascinating with its separate little themed gardens. I have returned several times since and just a few weeks ago for our most recent visit.

Not to be missed!

I cannot recommend this garden highly enough! For all – adults, children, even teenagers. We visited with my teenage son and he was particularly taken by the ‘taste’ and ‘smell’ sections of the garden. Never thought I’d find a plant whose leaves smell of Coca Cola, or find so many varieties of mint, each with a different fragrance (lemon, orange, apple, etc). I can’t disagree more with the review posted on 25th August. It was not at all busy. And well worth the entrance fee. So interesting. Very restful. Absolutely fascinating place. Maps available in English and the nice lady in the shop/ticket desk gave a very helpful informative introduction to orientate us. Very highly recommended!

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« Festina lente – Make haste slowly »

Motto of the gardeners and of d’Yvoire family

A Remarkable Garden

On the shores of Lake Geneva in Haute-Savoie, delicately huddled in the heart of the medieval village, the Garden of Five Senses is a living work meticulously carved for more than 30 years.

Mainly inspired by medieval gardens, several gardens invite you to discover the plant world. During the visit, each space reveals the secrets of plants sometimes forgotten: Garden of Smell, Cloister of medicinal herbs, Garden of Touch …

Each one enters at his own pace in this symbolic maze for an amazing sensory walk.

More than 1500 varieties of plants grow over the seasons to show to visitor all the facettes of plants. A visit to be planned alone, with family or between friends

Conservatory Garden

The garden was formerly directly linked to the castle of Yvoire. In the 19th century, Baron François, fond of botany, planted a lot of rare trees all around the castle.

Much later, in the 1980s, one of the plot became an abandoned kitchen garden.

The project of Yves and Anne-Monique d’Yvoire, the owners, is to revive the garden keeping the link with the history of the village.

They launch a genuine contemporary creation based on ancient elements.

30 years later, the trees of Baron François are always present and pampered. They are now surrounded by a collection of more than 1,300 varieties spread across several gardens.

Among them, lost and forgotten vegetable species whose culture is entrusted to us by the Resource Center of Applied Botany of Lyon.


To prepare and discover the medieval village of Yvoire, one of the most beautiful village in France, you can contact Yvoire tourist office.